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Not your average news.

Alternative Fact (AF): I am happy Trump is a President

AF: Beepers are better then smart phones

AF: Walmart and Target are the same as 7-11

AF: Better than Sex Cake is actually better than Sex (please get your life off of life support)

AF: Friends will always be True. “It ain’t nothing to cut the Bitch Off!”

AF: URLTV is the only place to watch battle rap

AF: People on the MayFlower were happy, rich and planned to return to England

AF: The Kardashians are saving Kanye West

AF: Luxury Brands: Spirit Airline, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Rainbow, Dodge and DELL Laptops

Fact: DDBS Radio is Dallas Best Podcast!

My teams wants us to start a YouTube page. I have no clue as to where to start… I’m supposed to be the tech person on our team.

Help me! Tell me where to start in the comment section below.

So, we want a YouTube show that is not just a recording of our podcast.

Should we script it? Should we all be in every video? Should we freestyle? How long is too long? How long is too short (Pulls hair at the stress of being successful)?

I think of my favorites and know if I can reach people in the same manner as Tre’ Melvin, Kid fury & Qaadir Howard that we will win!

“I would make up some cute excuse as to why this page isn’t finished, but the FACTS are I am a procrastinator.” – Steph-It-Up