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I’ve asked more times than not why people think we can choose happiness. And more times than not, the answer is “because you can”. Well I still can’t. And probably won’t but there’s hope. Because I do believe that while you can’t choose happiness you can make adjustments in your life and choose things that promote and enhance your happiness.  For instance, if you know waking up late and getting to work late causes you unhappiness, then you adjust, and choose steps that allow you to eliminate waking up late.  Or if you know you have that one friend who always say something to bring you down then adjust and choose the steps you need to eliminate that issue.  Now dealing with people such as this example can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Remember you’re making choices to promote your happiness so when it comes to dealing with other individuals, you be open and honest, communicate the issue and go forward. Always know how far you’re willing to go, know what your deal breakers are and adjust, choose the steps that make you feel happy.  So happiness doesn’t have to be void in anyone’s life. Perhaps in some way what I just advised IS “choosing happiness”.  It just requires some open honest thought and work and who’s afraid of a little work?  Be Happy People!!!

Hey guys!!! It’s finally Friday and who is happy is meeezzzz!! Yes!! I am ready for this work day, hell work week, to come to an end. I’m not normally so antsy, I’m more one of those “flow with time” people but it’s cool (45 degrees) and rainy. I’m hoping for cold (20 degrees) and rainy. Those two together allows me to deepen the desire of love I share with my bed, blanket, and television. And okay, alcohol too. Now I admit, the way I wish to enter into Friday evening and night doesn’t really require planning however I know a lot of you actually have plans for your weekend, rain or not.  Post comments below and tell me what you plan to get into now that it’s finally Friday and the weekend begins. HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! #winter #rain #bed #blanket #tv #hulu #netflix #chill #single #drinks

So tonight I was tasked to blog on the spot…..ummm it’s not working. My mind is blank but I’m known to ramble so is rambling blogging? Perhaps, if you’re putting the rambles on paper.  So here goes….we have entered 2017 and along with that a whole lot of changes and hopefully expectations. We have a new president and for some not a whole lot of hope. Right or wrong that’s what it is. Aside from that we always make resolutions huh?  This year I made none. I just wanna spend each day trying to be better. Letting go of self doubt and doubt of others, no critiquing my moves or others and trying to see some good in myself and in others despite all the things that’s going on and wrong in this world. Definitely a doable feat. So hey drop some comments below, let me know what you desire to do in 2017. And look for more rambling posts from me. #peace

Well hey guys and dolls! I’ve got a ton going on, but I couldn’t let another moment go by without bringing you episode 1 of BaeWatch. Here I’ll be discussing thirst worthy fellas and ladies (a little something for the whole family).

Let’s begin shall we?

You would have to live under a rock or on another planet to have no clue who 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his protests. I won’t go into  all the nitty gritty details at this point, do your own homework. What I will say is that I think Kaep is accomplishing what he sat down to do. People are having more dialogue about police brutality. This has been an interesting thing to watch and it’s spreading like wildfire. Other athletes are taking Kaep’s lead and taking a knee or remaining seated. A highschool athlete who shall remain nameless, half for privacy and half because I forgot his name already, was suspended for taking a knee, and Brandon Marshall of the Denver Bronco’s has lost not just 1 but 2 endorsements. Russell Simmons for the win, becaues he offered Mr. Marshall an endorsement of his own (EAT IT SUCKERS!).

I would like to take a moment to make a teeny tiny suggestion. Any company who is revoking or taking away the endorsements of an athlete who exercises their rights as an american to protest brutality  should be boycotted. Just my opinion, you do what you want.

I didn’t chose Colin as my first Baewatch because he has  a cute face and a banging body, both of these are true, but because he understands and respects the struggle for people of color and also understands what it means to use your fame for something other than getting women, and material possessions. I won’t always  be this responsible with my BW, but Kaepernick definitely deserves it.


We see you boo!




Happy Monday DDBSer’s!!!! Just wanted to drop a quick back to school “dnanigan” because as I was riding the elevator up to work, I caught a statement from a mom saying she wish uniforms were required back when her kids were school age. She mentioned how kids are cruel (they are, I say it all the time) and how she feel school life would have been a lot easier for her children because outfits would have been the same across the board. That’s possibly true but I immediately felt it’s not all about the outfit or the children being cruel but more so our duty as parents to instill in our children good values which of course includes respect for others. We are not all in the same economic class nor do we all have the same mindset about finances when it comes to what we spend our money on. A lot of parents truly budget their money and buying the latest greatest fashions for their kids may not be in the budget or maybe they prefer to provide a better quality of life for their children in the form of college funds, life insurance, etc. So teach your children early to be nice to others. Respectful. Will that ensure they won’t be cruel? No it won’t but what I will say is they’re impressionable in their little young lives. They’re sponges and I believe things can be instilled in them that they’ll carry a lifetime so parents, let’s teach em good things and pray for the best.

So I be brainstorming with Dad about various things and last night I told him I’m thinking about buying a Mustang GT Convertible. He immediately said “BABY NO get a Chrysler 200″…..(not 300 but 200). Now don’t get me wrong I like the Chrysler 200 but how in hell does that compare to a Mustang GT? Come on daddy!!! Just because someone told you I raced your truck back in the day doesn’t mean I’m going to race the Mustang 😒😈😃 Geezzz!

“Can’t Nobody Make Me What To DO…”  but I guess they (Steph and B.LoveIt) can make me blog!!!  So all of my Dnanigans are on the way!” – DD Turner

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