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if you tuned into episode “That’s What I like” then you should be ready for this post.  i’m just going to share some knowledge about my 3 honorable mentions from my mix “it’s a zoo”

this handsome fella: Yo Gotti

the track: blah blah blah

although he Gotti looks like Jay Z’s younger brother their sounds are quite different.  i rather enjoy this 2016 release because it’s legit.  nobody wants to argue all the damn time.  Mario Mims a.k.a, Lil Yo released his debut album back in 1996, who knew?

artist: 8 Eight (eighty8)

track: pree

there’s not a lot surfacing on this youth of 22.  i actually appreciate this.  looks like he’s grinding hard.  i definitely feel his vibe on this track.  8 Eight is associated with Grammi Society Records, but not where you would think.  they have him listed under Producers & Engineers.  but hell, #CTS this website is not complete.

this dude is none other than: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

track: brooklyn zoo (instrumental)

brooklyn zoo was Dirt McGirt’s debut single on his 1st solo joint, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version.  O.D.B was the 2nd member of the Wu-Tang Clan to go solo.

#ihtrBlog #CTS

this post is about the verses.  well, actually the versus.  the arena is alternative covers.  the contenders are Alien Ant Farm – smooth criminal vs. Korn – word up.

back in the day i was not a fan of covers because folks cover a great song & try to make it  sound different when it was just fine the way it was.  covers are usually for new/unknown artists to show their talents.  but honestly, i am open to liking covers, i’ve grown. 🙂

in case you were wondering, they are both winners for me.  Alien Ant Farm did a fantastic job of matching Michael Jackson’s action packed style.  i also give them points for creativity.

Korn chose a unique song to cover.  i imagined Jonathan Davis’ favorite Uncle used to play Cameo records and jam the shiz out of them.  Korn gets points for song selection & musicianship.  who do you pick? #ihtrBlog


so, i have been dying to share this video on my “i hate the radio” blog.  so, what better time than at the cusp of Black History month.  the song is Black Man in a White World by Michael Kiwanuka.  this video is so beautiful, simple, yet powerful.  i literally watched it 3 times back to back the 1st time i heard the song on Tidal.  shout out to the director, Hiro Murai for his outstanding vision & elegance.


now, i definitely loves Mary J. Blige.  but let’s be honest, not only is she the Queen of R&B but she will always be the Queen of sampling too.  #ShePersisted in covering some of the greats. let’s check it out.

i’m going downRose Royce, 1979

sweet thingRufus, 1975

misty blue… now this is a fun one, so pay attention:

Wilma Burgess, March 1966

Eddy Arnold, April 1966

Ella Fitzgerald, 1968

1st R&B version appears on the 1968 Simon Sings album,  but released as single by Joe Simon in 1972

Dorothy Moore, 1973

i do thank you Mary, because you did 2 great things with these sampled & covered songs:

  1. bring back good memories for the old schools
  2. bring recognition and newness to the young bucks

Hey guys!!! It’s finally Friday and who is happy is meeezzzz!! Yes!! I am ready for this work day, hell work week, to come to an end. I’m not normally so antsy, I’m more one of those “flow with time” people but it’s cool (45 degrees) and rainy. I’m hoping for cold (20 degrees) and rainy. Those two together allows me to deepen the desire of love I share with my bed, blanket, and television. And okay, alcohol too. Now I admit, the way I wish to enter into Friday evening and night doesn’t really require planning however I know a lot of you actually have plans for your weekend, rain or not.  Post comments below and tell me what you plan to get into now that it’s finally Friday and the weekend begins. HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! #winter #rain #bed #blanket #tv #hulu #netflix #chill #single #drinks

if you listened to our last episode, #ThinkingOutLoud, you heard me talk about the video from Big Sean.  the song is called Moves.  i think it’s super fly how he did the “tities move” dance in the video!  i did the same damn dance move the 1st time i heard the song!

oh, the director of the video is none other than Mike Carson

the mix: give it up

the episode: Fuck Him & Them

the mentions:

i’m a hustla  – Cassidy – this track is from his dual named 2nd studio album.  just for the heck of it Cassidy’s govment is Barry Adrian Reese.


kingdom – by Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. better known by Common.  this track is from his 10th studio album, Nobody’s Smiling released in 2014


final mention of this mix is a instrumental joint from Mobb Deep – give up the goods (just step), which was the 4th single from their 2nd album, The Infamous

Mobb Deep
Mobb Deep

over the weekend i discovered this fantastic woman, talent, and energy.  she may not be the sharpest voice in the room, but she has that…something.  it was an instant electric feeling inside of me when i heard ‘dreams’ ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Fabolous  #discoverwithme

Album: Dedicated To:

Release: 2016

Tish Hyman
Tish Hyman


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